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We all want to believe we will never need to use a towing service, as our cars etc won’t be breaking down. Tho when you do, it’s always good to know you when you want or need a tow service in Victoria Park, Perth, you can rely on our drivers at Vic Park Towing Services. It doesn’t matter what you drive or ride we have it covered, our tow truck drivers can assist with your towing needs. Vic Park Towing have a good range of tow trucks to help with your many service needs. So by using our towing services you are also making sure you and your vehicle are getting the best care possible.  Our talented team of professional tow truck drivers can help with your towing needs. With the correct type of tow truck towing your vehicle, you will likely feel a lot better about allowing us to have it towed. When you are stranded anywhere in Victoria Park call Vic Park Towing Services 7078 8036


Austwest Towing & Salvage

Austwest Towing & Salvage is a Fremantle-based towing service that has been family-owned and operated since 1982. With over 50 years of combined experience, our management team has the incredible father and daughter duo of Harry and Kelsey Kiewiet who leads their team in providing the highest quality of service to all clients. We tow almost everything under the sun from, caravans, motorcycles, boats, project cars including on rotisseries, and machinery weighing up to 6.5 tonnes. Also, our roadside assistance service includes tyre change, jump start, and salvage from being bogged; so you don’t have to stress about any of your roadside problems in the future. Additionally, our drivers hold MSIC clearances which allow us to have access to ports such as Fremantle to help our clients with their imports and exports needs.

Our team services the entire metropolitan area and travels into the country on a 24/7 basis. This means we have operators out in the community and on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week who can travel to you, wherever you are, any time of day or night, including public holidays. Our head office and primary holding yard are located in South Fremantle, with our secondary holding yard located in York to assist in servicing our country customers.

We have operators on our fleet who hold MSIC clearances so are able to operate on the wharfs and other areas that require Maritime Security Identification Cards for access. Our entire team is police cleared and also holds First Aid certificates so they can assist when injuries have occurred in accidents and collisions. All of our team members, administration and operators, undergo regular training updates and refreshers to ensure their knowledge is as current as it should be when completing their duties, especially towing and transporting your vehicles. Rest assured, your vehicles and machinery are in good hands and are well cared for when you choose to use Austwest Towing & Salvage.

Interested in our services? Contact our friendly administration team now on our service line 418 613 713 to discuss your towing and transport needs.

Learn More About Vic Park Towing

Being a locally owned and operated tow truck company, Vic Park Towing Services We have been looking after the locals Victoria Park WA for many years, where we have been taking care of all their towing needs.With our specialized vehicle towing services here in Vic Park Perth WA, we are committed to meeting the needs of all our customers. As we provide a 24-hour towing service, there’s never a concern that you can’t get the professional towing service you deserve any time of the day or night. Anytime  you call our prompt services will be there. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal.

Our Services

Our team of professional tow truck drivers are licensed and insured. You are in capable hands when you turn to us for your towing needs. We have everything that we need to effectively assist with your towing needs, as we have made a good investment in our business. With a fleet of the most reliable towing vehicles, we can give you the help that you need when you need it most. If for what ever reason we can’t service you, we recommend to call the services of


Nothing worse than having planned your trip out and everything is going perfect, then out of the blue you see steam rise from the front of the bonnet. Panic sets in, thought of being stranded on the side of the road becomes real.
Then you remember you have a friend who drives a tow truck for Vic Park Towing Service. Just like that, and one phone call later you feel a whole lot better knowing help is right around the corner, and you are getting a tow from a qualified towing business.Breakdown

Insurance Accident

People often question the point about the value of having insurance. This stops almost instantly when they are in a bit of a car accident and need the services of a towing service to recover their vehicle.
Victoria Park Towing Service is a qualified towing company who deals with all facets of insurance claims. This is why we are a well sort after towing business in and around Victoria Park, Perth, WA

The other day I felt lost and stranded while being broken down on the side of the Highway. The team at Vic Park Towing did an amazing job recovering my car and making sure I also felt okay. They obviously understand the effect this can have on their clients as I felt comforted by their efforts. Great Job!

Emergency Towing

Nobody knows more than Vic Park Towing that accidents can happen in a blink of an eye. Our Emergency Towing Service are very quick to be there for your convenience, as they are extremely knowledgeable of all the short cuts through the city streets.
Time is important, as besides towing your vehicle to safety, they also make sure your okay or if it’s needed to call for more emergency assistance to accommodate you  

Flat Tyre

Tyres are ​often one of the things that is easily over looked on your vehicle, a lot of the time knowing what your spare looks like is just a guess. So when you have a flat tyre plus the spare is no good you can rest assured the boys at Vic Park Towing have your back. 
​A quick call for a tow truck on 6117 5786 and all the tyre mishaps will be looked after in no time at all.

Nothing scarier than being a female broken down on the side of the road and not knowing what to do. Luckily I had the number for Vic Park Towing in my phone, so I called and soon enough they were there to help me out. They did such a great job and made me feel a bit safer that’s for sure Thanks again  Jane Brook

24 Hour Towing

Victoria Park towing has a 24 hour towing service that will come to you whenever you need.
This towing company will gladly assist you in your time of need that gets you out of a situation. if you are bogged or stuck and a lot more.
24 hour towing can be a very fast service depending on how far away you are. To get the tow truck to you as quick as possible just google Vic Park Towing.​      

Specialised Towing

​Specialised Towing is here to help you with things out of the ordinary. Things such as towing custom or very expensive cars, tilt tray towing sea containers, machinery transport, emergency 24 hour towing, oversize load pull assistance, bus towing and plenty more.
Vic Park towing company will assist you with any request you make. Heavy duty towing is a big part of this service because most specialized towers deal with big vehicles. 

On a hot day, with kids in the car and you you realise your tyre is going down, when it feels you are in the middle of nowhere, I gave Vic Park towing a call, and I can’t explain how happy I was seeing their tow truck pull up next to me. 
Thank God for Vic Park Towing I say. Thanks for looking after my kids and I.   T Wells

Vic Park Towing

​Victoria Park Towing is a very reliable towing company that will always help with giving you the cheapest options. They will assist you in getting whatever you need done and they will always do it in a timely manner. They will make sure your vehicle is safe at all time and they won’t cause any further damages. By utilising this towing company you will always get the best results because of how reliable they are. Instead of trying to fix your vehicle it is always best to leave it to the professionals because they know exactly what they are doing and how to get it done. Towing is a very essential part of our every day driving lives purely because we never know what is going to happen on the road so knowing that we have a towing company near by always gives us that little extra bit of reassurance.
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When it comes to providing quality towing services, it all starts at the first moment of contact, and bringing you a means in which you can have access quickly to qualified professionals who can deliver the services you need. When you find yourself in an emergency situation, or simply looking for a high-quality towing option, then making the call to Wanneroo Towing Services is the first step in the right direction, and the means you need to get the results you require. All it takes is picking up the phone and speaking with one of our qualified personnel